Johnathan Martin is an up-and-coming Entrepreneur, Marketing Professional, and Student whose knack for all things technology have earned him the reputation as a rising leader in the tech space. Currently, he serves as the Founder of FitTech Hosting, where he is on a mission to bring small businesses into the 21st century with affordable web, marketing, and telecom technologies.

Outside of work, Johnathan is the lead mentor for the Waukesha Civil Air Patrol's CyberPatriot team where he helps mentor students who are interested in careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines.

Johnathan grew up in the small village of Lannon, WI but has since moved to Milwaukee and endears living the city life.

Whether you are interested in his small businesses services or would like to network, feel free to reach out to Mr. Martin directly at (262) 333-0160 or jmartin<@>